Who Requires Quality Management Standards?

Pretty much any company that requires ISO certification will require you to find someone who offers ISO 9001 registration service. ISO 9001 is the international standards on quality management, which is a large part of any business model or practice.

Here are a few general facts about who, how and why locating a top ISO 9001 registration service sits high on the list when it comes to quality management.

  1. The number of companies that require quality management standards is huge. According to the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars directory there are currently just under 25 thousand active companies with quality management accreditation. This isn’t including companies that have recently withdrawn or lost previously held accreditation either.
  2. The companies that have quality management standards are varied along multiple different industries, although top among these appears to be companies that work in design and manufacturing. Given that manufacturing companies often face strict standards of quality their abundance in the directory isn’t too shocking over all.
  3. Quality management also goes towards distribution centers and government trade centers, too. While not often seen on international markets in regards to international standards, some distributors require quality management to meet international standards aside from national standards. Places that provide overseas trade or distribution companies are also seen on the directory list.
  4. Not one country or nation requires international standards to be met the most. In fact almost all of the companies and their countries or nations of origin seem to be fairly spread apart and spread even. If the nation works as foreign trade, they appear more likely to require international quality management standards to be met, but simple manufacturing companies that are far more localized seem to follow this standard as well.
  5. Certifiers and accreditors seem to be directly linked to the product the company works with. If the company works primarily for oil or gas, they often appear to be accredited or certified by a company that works only with oil or gas. Even if the company listed is merely a manufacturer of gas pipes, the accreditation and certification companies they go to specialize in their product area.

Quality management is a process that almost every company has, so finding that there are international standards to quality management makes sense. The concept that quality management focuses heavily on manufacturing or designing follows the natural line of thought that the quality of a product equals better a product. To get certified get in touch with International Quality Certification IQC.


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