Who is a Good Candidate for Facial Plastic Surgery Oahu HI?

Facial Plastic Surgery Oahu HI can help to change a person’s face, reduce features they don’t like and restore features that may have been damaged due to an injury or accident. However, not everyone is a candidate for cosmetic surgery. There are a number of factors that may make a person unqualified for this surgery and understanding what these are can help prevent serious complications.

Anyone who has reasonable expectations for the surgery and understands the risks can undergo it. However, those who suffer from health issues such as depression, a bleeding disorder, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure may not be the ideal candidate. Also, anyone who is obese or who smokes or drinks excessive amounts of alcohol, they may not be a good candidate for these procedures.

In some cases, the plastic surgeon may ask the patient to make a few lifestyle changes prior to the surgery. For example, they may request that smokers quit smoking for a period of two weeks prior to the surgery and not smoke for a period up to four weeks after it. This will help the body properly heal from the procedure. For nonsmokers, it is essential to avoid secondhand smoke both before and after the procedure.

Prior to the Facial Plastic Surgery Oahu HI, it is also important for the patient to discuss their health, in depth, with their surgeon. This should include all lifestyle habits including smoking, drinking and exercising. Also, it is important to disclose any supplements or medications that the patient is taking. This discussion will help the doctor determine whether or not the person is a good candidate for the procedure. It is essential to tell the doctor everything regarding a person’s health, including the vitamins or other herbal products that are taken.

The Ferguson Clinic offers more information about some of the most common cosmetic facial procedures. The doctors and staff here can also help patients determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. Taking the time to learn about these factors will pay off in the long run and help ensure the desired results are achieved. To know more, click here.


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