Which Panes are Used in Glass Entrances?

Safety glass is a crucial part of a variety of projects, from glass entrances to windowpanes. However, most business owners don’t know the difference between tempered and laminated glass. Read on to learn how laminated safety glass and tempered glass are made, and to find out what happens when these types of glass are broken.

What is Laminated Glass?

A piece of laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass joined by a layer of plastic or PVB (polyvinyl butyral). PVB comes in different sizes, and it can be tinted or clear. Laminated glass is commonly seen in skylights because it is energy-efficient and it filters out the sun’s harmful UV rays. Laminated glass can also assist with soundproofing. When it breaks, the pieces adhere to the plastic layer rather than falling to the ground and creating a hazard. Auto windshields are composed of laminated glass, and the blue tint along the top is a portion of the PVB layer. The term ‘laminated’ refers to the process by which the glass is made, and it is possible to laminate a piece of tempered glass. A local glass replacement expert can help customers choose the right type of glass for any project.

Tempered Glass

This type of glass cools faster than other types, which makes it much stronger. Tempered glass is created by reheating basic glass and allowing it to cool rapidly. This process is referred to as “air quenching”, and it makes glass roughly four times stronger than conventionally annealed panels. Tempered glass is sometimes used in glass entrances because of its tensile strength and wind resistance. If a piece of tempered glass is broken, it breaks into cubes rather than into shards. This makes tempered glass a kind of safety glass.

While safety glass isn’t appropriate for every application, it has many uses in commercial glass repair and replacement. The team at Layne Glass Services knows the difference between tempered and laminated glass, and they can help customers choose the right type for any commercial application. Call today to schedule an appointment or visit the website today to learn more about the company’s glass replacement services. You can also connect them on website page.


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