Where to Go for Safe Moving Service

Safes of most sizes are designed to be heavy and difficult to move. Unless dealing with a portable personal safe, people are not going to be able to move their safes when the need arises. Selling a home, changing business location, renovating existing space, and excessive water or fire damage are just a few reasons heavy equipment has to be moved from one place to another. Safe moving service requires special equipment, trained professionals, and planning, whether the safe is being moved from one room to another, or across the country, it is not a simple process. Contractors who specialize in commercial construction, a company that sells and delivers safes, or a locksmith are primary resources.

Of those three, the fastest and most cost-effective option will probably be the local locksmith. The contractor provides safe moving service as part of commercial renovations as opposed to a stand alone service. The safe company may not be local, which renders them unable to help. An experienced locksmith, especially ones that also sell new safes, will have the expertise and equipment to successfully move a safe. The safe is usually covered to prevent scratches or dents during the move. Straps will be placed around the entire safe so it can be lifted onto a skid with wheels, or into a moving van.

Other related services include opening safes, changing codes or the combination, and making replacement keys for safes. It is not uncommon for residential safes to pose problems for those wanting to access the contents. The safe may have been in the home for a few generations and the key may have been lost, the combination forgotten, or damage to the lock could have ruined the mechanism. In the event of cracking a safe, it is standard to require customers to provide proof that they do, indeed, own the safe. In the case of families, all members may have to present before the safe is opened. Estate sales, family wills, and probate rulings may apply to the safe in question. If that is the case, be sure to have appropriate paperwork that indicates who actually owns the safe, or who inherits the save. For details on purchasing, unlocking, or moving a safe, people can go to us. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.


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