When Will You Have a PET Scan in Riverhead, NY?

The PET or Positron Emission Tomography scan is a method of creating an image of a person’s body, particularly the tissue and organs of the body, that doctors can use to diagnose a number of different diseases. It is similar to a CT scan in how it works, but the CT scan provides more general information about a person’s anatomy. However, the two scans are often done together. How do you know if you need a PET scan instead of a CT scan? Here are a few reasons your doctor may order this type of test.

It Replaces Certain Surgeries

Prior to the introduction of these scans, doctors would often have to do certain exploratory surgeries or run a number of different tests to determine the same information that a PET scan can provide. These scans are often done for cancer patients because they can detect where the cancer is and help doctors monitor how the patient is responding to treatment.

It’s Completely Safe

Unlike some scans, having a PET scan in Riverhead, NY, is very safe. A small amount of radiation is used, but it is not a concern. There is absolutely no risk at all, and the radiation decays or leaves your body within a few hours.

When they have the option, doctors often prefer types of scanning methods that use little or no radiation. It is also very painless, and the scanning machine is more open than an MRI. You can find out more about how this method works by visiting Website.

It’s Covered by Insurance

Finally, many doctors have their patients get one of these scans as opposed to other options because their insurance will cover it. This can save patients a large amount of money. However, there are some conditions that PET scans cannot detect.

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