When to See a Children’s Emergency Dentists in Oahu, HI

It’s not always necessary for your kid to see a children’s emergency dentists, although sometimes it’s the best option. It’s important to know when your children need to go to the dentist for emergency services. A dentist can help with tooth, gum, tongue and jaw emergencies. Make sure your child truly needs dental assistance before making the trip to your local pediatric dental office.

Tooth Damage

You should take your child to the dentist if they have a tooth that is entirely or partially out of the socket or if a large piece of one of their teeth has broken off. These issues almost always require emergency services. Both problems can cause nerve damage if they aren’t treated by a children’s emergency dentists in Oahu, HI immediately.


If your child is experiencing severe pain, it shouldn’t be ignored. They should see a pediatric dentist if the pain doesn’t ease up within thirty minutes. You can try giving them an ice pack or having them rinse their mouth out with saltwater. However, if the pain doesn’t subside or gets worse, they may require treatment from children’s emergency dentists.


A slight mouth bleed that occurs from irritation or biting isn’t something to be worried about. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, however, you should take them to see a dentist before the blood loss becomes a significant issue.


Swollen gums or face can be a sign of infection, which will require antibiotics and emergency dental services.

Drainage of Abscesses

Pus or an abscess can be another sign of infection which will require antibiotics. You should schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist so they can further address the damage.

It can sometimes be difficult to decide whether your child needs emergency dental services or the issue is something that can be handled at home. Severe bleeding and pain usually requires dental treatment. If you are unsure whether or not your child needs to see a dentist, you should call KidShine Pediatric Dental Group and discuss your concerns. You can also connect them on Facebook.


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