When Things Go Wrong with Your Doctor You Need Chicago Medical Negligence Attorneys

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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The right Chicago medical negligence attorneys can help you when things go wrong with your doctor. Having the right attorney on your side will ensure that your rights are protected. It can be very scary when you are on the end of a medical malpractice situation. You put your trust in the doctors, hospital and medical professionals to take care of your health and when you find out that they have made a mistake it can be very disappointing. More importantly a medical “mistake” can threaten your long term health.

What Can You Do?

Many people believe that if they bring the issue to the attention to the practice or the hospital that the medical professional will take responsibility for the issue but unfortunately typically what happens is:

  • The error is DENIED

  • A cover up ensues

  • You are made to feel like you are “unstable”

Denying the Error

Very rarely will a doctor take responsibility for their error, they may point out that you “knew the risks and signed a release” no matter what the issue is. In many cases this intimidation tactic will cause the patient to stifle their concerns. The patient just accepts the situation.

A Cover Up

It is not unusual for a hospital to take great steps to cover an error that has been made. To say it is a “cover up” may sound extreme but the reality is there is a lot at stake and the hospital administration will do what they have to.

It’s Not Me, It’s you

In some cases the patient is made to feel like they are the crazy one that the error never occurred. Their character is assassinated and THEY are put on trial to make it look like they are just complaining over nothing.

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