When Should You Seek a Foot Surgeon?

When you have a foot injury, there are times when a foot specialist is needed. If the injury is severe enough, surgery or long-term care and recovery may be necessary. There are certain symptoms to look for if your injured foot requires specialized care. The list below are a few red flags to watch for.

Signs of Infection

A foot infection can be the result of some sort of trauma or injury to the area. Tenderness and swelling are common signs that something is amiss. The swelling can also be painful to the touch or throbbing pain. Watch out for any signs of rash or open wounds that suddenly appear or grow. Also, you need to monitor your body for sudden fever or increased achiness.

Loss of Sensation in the Foot

Sometimes when you have a foot injury, loss of feeling can occur. If this happens, consult with a foot surgeon in Chicago or surround areas immediately. The sensation could feel like pins and needles, tingling, or a weak feeling. The numbness can be a direct result of an injury or infection. It can come and go or last over a period of time. Whatever the case, it is important you get this checked out by a medical professional.

Pain or Discomfort at the Site

If you start to feel sudden aching or soreness in the foot, this could be a warning sign of greater injury. The pain can come from daily activities such as walking or standing. The discomfort can also occur during times of rest. Whether it is gradual or abrupt, pain is an indicator that something is wrong. Addressing this with your doctor as soon as it happens is going to ensure you the best treatment available.

Pay attention to the above symptoms if you have a foot injury. Get help as soon as possible to make sure things do not get worse. A foot specialist can make sure you get the best care available.

If you are looking for a foot surgeon in Chicago, contact Chicago Foot Care Clinic.


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