When Should You See a Retina Specialist?

A retina specialist may be one of the most important people to work with if you are struggling with any type of retina-related vision loss or damage. Retinal diseases are numerous. If you have been diagnosed with one, suspect you have one, or you have a family history of them, schedule an appointment to discuss your eye health with a specialist. This includes diseases as well as injuries to the eyes. Even if you do not have substantial vision loss yet, include a professional in the conversation now.

Conditions Requiring a Specialist

It is always best to hire a retina specialist for any type of vision concern. This includes conditions such as macular degeneration, which occurs when the center of the retina deteriorates. A macular hole is another condition worthy of a specialist. It occurs when a hole or defect develops in the macula, the center of the back of the eye. Retinal detachment occurs when fluid passes through a retinal tear or a condition which can cause the retina to detach. Diabetic retinopathy is a condition many patients with diabetes develop over time. The small blood vessels around the retina begin to leak, damaging vision. You may also want to seek out help for hypertensive retinopathy in which blood pressure is too high, causing the walls in the retina to thicken, which over time causes a narrowing and a limit to the blood flow.

These conditions are just a few examples of when it is so important to seek out care from a retina specialist. These professionals have advanced skill and experience to help you to overcome or minimize further damage to your eyes and vision. When you see a specialist, you gain access to the very best level of specialized care for your vision needs.


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