When Should A Homeowner Call A Specialist In Water Heaters Repair In Fairfax VA

The water heater in a person’s home is very important. Hot water makes it possible for the family to shower and to get regular household tasks done properly. Because the water heater is such an important appliance, the homeowner should be able to recognize when there is a problem. If they don’t, the problem could lead to a complete system breakdown, and the homeowner would need to purchase a new water heater. The sooner the problem is detected, the sooner it can be repaired.

Rusty Water

If a homeowner notices that their hot water is coming out rusty, they should contact a specialist in water heaters repair in Fairfax, VA. When the water comes out rusty, it is a sign that sediment has accumulated at the bottom of the tank. When this happens, it needs to be cleaned as soon as possible, before it causes permanent damage to the water heater.

No Hot Water

If a homeowner turns on their hot water, but it comes out cold, it can make life very difficult. When this happens, they should contact a specialist in water heaters repair in Fairfax VA. There could be a problem with the top element or the bottom element, that needs to be repaired or replaced. The sooner the homeowner has the problem fixed, the sooner they will have hot water again.

Leaking Tank

If the water heater starts leaking, it can be a serious problem. Leaking water heaters can create a great deal of water damage to the structure of the home and to the items around it. When the tank is leaking, it would need to be drained before finding the source of the problem. This is something that should be done only by a professional.

It is a good idea that a homeowner has their water heater maintained regularly. Regular maintenance is a great way to catch a problem before it becomes something worse. If a homeowner needs to have their water heater maintained or needs to have a problem repaired, they should contact All Plumbing Inc. Parts & Service. They have the knowledge and the experience to maintain and repair a homeowner’s water heater, so that it will always be working properly.


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