When Is It Time to Scrap Your Car?

Are you struggling with deciding whether or not to scrap your car? You can easily decide whether it’s time or not to do so by asking yourself these three questions:

Are the Repairs More Than the Car’s Value?
You can easily decide what to do by adding up your repair bills. Check the current value of your car, and then look at the estimates. The answer is simple. It’s time to scrap it if .

Do You Have the Money for Repairs?
The next thing you need to ask yourself is whether you can afford to pay someone to do the repairs. Check your savings account, and see if you have the money in the account to conduct the repairs without killing your wallet. Then you have to decide whether your car is crucial to your livelihood. If you need it to get back and forth to work, then it is. You might decide to take out a short-term loan and fix it if it’ll make you more profitable in life. If not, then you can say your goodbyes and scrap it.

Is the Vehicle Making Your Life Productive?
A vehicle is not helping you in any way if it isn’t running. It can’t help you get to work or go grocery shopping. Thus, you can no longer justify the cost of insurance. It’s time to call a scrap car company in Vancouver and ask them to pick it up if it no longer has much value.

Go Green Auto Recycling is a well-known scrap car company in Vancouver that will come to the rescue and rid you of your unproductive vehicle. They’ll leave some money in your hands when they do it, too. Contact them to find out more about the process of scrapping your car.


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