When is a dental emergency a real emergency?

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Dentists


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To ensure you and your family get emergency dental care when it is absolutely necessary it is first important that you know when a Boston emergency dentist must be consulted. Not every dental incident requires emergency treatment; it is always a good idea to know when you can put off a dental visit to the following day when you can be treated during regular office hours.

     *     Common injuries:

Common injuries to teeth include broken, cracked and teeth which are knocked out. These injuries happen frequently, they are usually the result of biting down too hard on a piece of food, a fall or a sports related incident. Depending on how severe the injury is and where in the mouth the affected tooth is located it is quite possible that attention can be put off until the next day.

If there is a large piece of tooth broken off or the tooth has been knocked out completely you cannot afford to wait, in situations like this you must seek a Boston emergency dentist immediately.

     *     How to handle the situation in the meantime:

If a tooth has been knocked out avoid handling it as much as possible and when you do pick it up, never touch the root. First off, try placing it back in the socket, place a gauze pad over the tooth and bite down gently. Watch out that you don’t accidently swallow the tooth.

If this doesn’t work, rinse the tooth off to eliminate any dirt or debris and place it in a glass of milk or yogurt. Milk and yogurt are both growth mediums and will keep the tooth alive until you reach the office of the Boston emergency dentist. Protect the socket as well by placing a damp cloth over the area.

It may not be something as straight forward as this, if you suffer excruciating pain or believe you have an abscessed tooth call your dentist. Most dentists can rearrange their schedules to accommodate a patient with a true emergency situation.

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