When Children Are Involved, Contact Child Custody Attorneys in Springboro OH

When children are at the center of a split up between the parents, it is recommended to contact child custody attorneys in Springboro, OH. There are many factors that go into determining which parent is the better custodial parent. An attorney can help an individual to navigate their way through the court system during a highly emotional ordeal. Their education and experience can help their clients to stay calm during stressful times and to give perspective to the existing situation. Their sound legal advice can let the individual discuss the circumstances with them and choose the better legal decision based off the facts.

Neither parent has more preference than the other parent in the court system. The courts, however, will take into account several of the following factors:

• If there was violence in the home by either parent against the other parent or children

• Any bond that the child has with either parent

• The ability of the parent to foster a relationship with the other parent

• The outlook of the parent for the child’s love and guidance

• The ability of the parent to provide necessities such as housing, food, clothing

• If there are recommendations from a Guardian ad Litem that was court appointed

When two parents cannot agree to custody and the children are in the middle of the turmoil, child custody attorneys in Springboro, OH may request the court appoint a guardian ad litem. A guardian ad litem, also known as a GAL, protects the interests of the minor children involved in a court dispute. They are highly trained in working with children and the family court system. They will be in judge’s chamber for any in camera interviews with the judge. They will also help to ascertain the child’s wishes when the children are old enough to speak their preference.

Thorson Switala, Mondock and Snead LLP has many years of family court experience with child custody cases. Choosing an attorney with family court experience is a much wiser choice than choosing an attorney with general law experience. The family court system has many variables when involving families and children. Don’t venture into the family court legal system without the assistance of an experienced family court attorney.


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