When, and Why, to Call a Professional for Pool Repair in Pearland

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Swimming Pools


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Above ground swimming pools can provide an entire family with almost infinite opportunities for recreation and play during the warm summer months, but only if they are properly maintained. This maintenance includes monitoring chemical levels, keeping the pool free of debris, cleaning filters, and ensuring that nothing sharp enters the pool environment that could pierce the liner. Failing to perform these basic tasks will increase the likelihood of damage requiring Pool Repair in Pearland. However, even responsible and diligent pool owners often find themselves in a position where their above ground pools require repair. Re-balancing chemicals or cleaning a filter is probably within the scope of most pool owners. Below is a short list of more serious issues that are best left to a professional.

Leak Detection

If there is a leak in the vinyl liner of an above ground pool, it can only get worse if it is not addressed quickly. The first step toward patching the liner, or replacing it if necessary, is determining the source of the leak. This can be trickier than it sounds, particularly if it has not yet grown into a large tear. Calling a professional as soon as water loss becomes noticeable can help to pinpoint the problem so that it can be fixed.

Equipment Repairs

If the pump, heater, filter, or other essential equipment is broken, it’s definitely time to call a pro. Generally speaking any kind of electronic or mechanical equipment and water doesn’t mix terribly well. That fact alone should be enough to convince homeowners not to attempt home equipment repairs. Even experienced handymen or home electricians really shouldn’t try to repair equipment. A household’s personal safety isn’t worth risking to save a few dollars or some pride.

Regular Inspections

Those who are interested in saving money on extensive Pool Repair in Pearland in the long run, might want to consider scheduling regular inspections through a company like Cryer Pools & Spas Inc. This can help to avoid the need for repairs to begin with by ensuring that chemical levels are adequate, the liner is not becoming degraded, and any leaks or tears are caught immediately before they become too large to patch.

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