What Your New Storage Unit Should Include

There are dozens of choices available when you are looking for a storage facility in Lancaster PA. It can be challenging to determine which ones offer everything you might need. Then there’s the fact that you want the staff at the facility to be professional and experienced. This article will provide a few tips for what to look for in your new storage unit facility.

Convenience Matters

There are numerous ways that a storage facility can provide a convenient option for you. One storage facility in Lancaster, PA may offer vehicle storage and provide online management of your account. Another might give you drive-up access, so you can load and unload your belongings with ease. Determine what features your preferred facilities offer and pinpoint the one that fits your needs. This is going to be a personal decision since everyone is looking for something different in terms of storage.

Climate Controlled Environment

If you have items that won’t fare well in extreme temperatures, such as electronics or antiques, you want to ensure that your storage unit has climate control. This feature reassures you that your items will not be exposed to hot or cold temperature. It also helps with keeping out humidity and insects. While this might not be the most important thing if you’re storing only a few items, it’s a nice feature to have available.

Cleanliness of the Facility

When you tour a facility, take the time to look at your surroundings and gauge the level of cleanliness. You want to store your belongings somewhere that is clean. You also want to be sure that proper maintenance is done. When you’re at the facility, ask to look in an empty unit. If you find that it’s grimy or full of dust, it might not be the optimal place to store your items.

Adequate Security

Security is something that is important to anyone renting a unit from a storage facility in Lancaster, PA. You don’t want to find out that someone has made it inside, broken into your unit, and stolen your favorite belongings. Ask about what security is on site. Make sure to bring a good lock. Any facility that offers electronic gates or a walled perimeter is likely to be reasonably secure.

If you find a storage facility nearby that features these four things, it should definitely go on your list of potential choices. From there, you can decide which other things matter most to you and make the plunge by signing with a company.


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