What Your Dentist Knows by Looking at Your Mouth

When you step into your dentist’s office, you might be thinking about cavities or build-up of plaque. Your dentist will certainly discover those things while looking at your mouth, but there are many other things your oral condition can offer signs about. You may be surprised to know your dentist in the Chicago loop may be able to identify issues like diabetes, cancer, or anemia before your doctor does. Here are some of the other things the dentist knows by peering into your mouth.

You Bite Your Nails

A dentist may be able to determine you bite your nails even if they need see your hands. This is because the habit can lead to wear and tear on your teeth, as well as cracking or chips. Biting your nails can lead to uneven teeth, along with discomfort and jaw pain. If you bite with your front teeth, they may be flat and leveled off. This is due to the contact between the top and bottom teeth while you gnaw on the nails.

You Have Vitamin Deficiencies

Having mineral or vitamin deficiencies can result in many oral problems, such as increased infections, burning tongue syndrome, bleeding gums, and more. Iron deficiency is one that often shows up in the mouth. It can cause changes to the tongue or sores in the corners of your mouth. It may also lead to a burning sensation. All of these problems can often be alleviated simply by getting more iron.

You Flossed, But Only Today

Flossing the night or morning before a dentist appointment won’t fool your dentist in the Chicago loop. If you haven’t made flossing a habit, doing it a single time will lead to damage or bleeding gums. Most people are extra thorough when doing this flossing, which can lead to slices in the mouth that are obvious to your dentist. In the case of healthy gums, they will appear light and pink.

You Are Pregnant

Almost 40% of pregnant individuals have gingivitis at some point. This is because progesterone increases, which allows for higher growth of bacteria. It’s also not uncommon to develop a red lump on your gums when pregnant, which is another sign. However, these symptoms may not show up until relatively far along in the pregnancy, so it’s unlikely your dentist will know before you do.

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