What You Should Know About Traditional Service in Stonington

Losing a loved one or family member is probably one of the lowest moments in one’s life. The thought that you will never see your loved one again is the hardest pill to swallow. When you are faced with this kind of loss, you should hire the services of a funeral home so that they can handle things according to your wish or the deceased wishes. There are several methods of carrying out funeral services and one of them being the traditional Service in Stonington. Below are some of the burial packages that one may opt to include in a traditional service.

Viewing in the evening a day Before the Funeral and Graveside Service

This package includes public viewing of the deceased friends and families. At this time, they mourn and comfort each other as they remember good memories of their loved one. The following day, a service at the funeral home or in church is carried out as they later proceed to lay their loved one at rest with a grave side service.

Viewing, then Funeral and Graveside Service

Unlike the prior, the viewing in this package is done the same day with the rest of the services. It commences with a one hour public viewing followed by a service in the funeral home or church. Afterwords, the body is matched to the cemetery where a graveside service is carried out and the deceased is laid to rest.

Private Viewing and Memorial Service

This is where only the family is given time to view the body and privately mourn. A grave side ceremony may or may not happen but a memorial service for the public is carried out.

No Viewing

Sometimes, due to various reasons, the family may opt not to view the body. They may decide to make it very simple with only a graveside ceremony.

No Ceremonies

This is also known as direct burial. In this case, there is no viewing or ceremony. A family member/s may opt to be present just to witness the burial.

Whatever your wishes or your loved one wishes were, Mystic Funeral Home ensures that they personalize the traditional Service in Stonington to make sure that the celebration of a life well lived is done in style.


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