What You Should Know About Flood Control Systems

When you find a damp spot in your basement, it’s important to get it under control before it becomes a puddle. Leaks can turn into something far worse, causing damage to your basement, your home, and your health. To keep water from rising, it’s to your advantage to learn about flood control systems in Chicago, IL.

Be Ready When the Storm Hits
Weatherproofing your home is a bit more involved than installing energy efficient windows and a storm door. Being prepared for heavy rains and snow includes being ready for possible flooding. Due to increased volume in the sewer pipes, pressure builds up, and the flow winds up reversing. A backup can also be caused by blockages or cracks in the line leading from a house to the city sewer system. Whether it’s due to springtime rain or a sewer backup, water in your basement is never pleasant. One solution is to install a Flood Control System. Flood control systems in Chicago, IL can keep water from soaking into your baseboards, creeping into your drywall, and ruining your appliances.

A Healthy Home and a Healthier You
Excess water can cause the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. As a result, your health can be damaged. Mold exposure has the potential to exacerbate asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. The risk is increased when young children, people with compromised immune systems or the elderly are exposed. Catching leaks or flooding early can help decrease the chances of ill health effects for everyone in your home or office.

Two Parts to This Story
Flood control systems in Chicago, IL have various elements, but the two most important parts are the ejector pump and the backwater valves. The ejector pump’s function is fairly obvious. It sits in a basin in the basement floor and is connected to the sewer line. It replaces gravity by pumping wastewater up and out to the septic tank or sewer. Backwater valves prevent water from coming back into your home through your toilets, drains, and sinks. Two of these valves are necessary in a flood control system.

Make the Call to Stay Dry
Flood control systems in Chicago, IL can help you prepare for any type of situation, whether caused by Mother Nature or plumbing problems. Qualified professionals can install the system, giving you an effective way to quickly remove excess water from your basement. Flood control systems in Chicago, IL can keep you dry, preserve your belongings and protect your investment.


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