What You Should Know About Engagement Rings

No one is more excited than a woman wearing her new engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings have been popular since 1890’s when companies, like Sears& Roebuck, started featuring them in catalogs. Engagement rings are often sold as part of a set, with the wedding band, but can also be purchased alone, without a wedding band.

The Diamond

Discovered in India during the 4th century B.C., diamonds are formed over millions of years and are the hardest natural substances on earth. Considered rare and indestructible, they are the everlasting reminder of vows taken and promises made. In fact, this gem’s name comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning “unconquerable”.

A diamond’s price is based on four factors. These factors are:

1. Clarity:

2. Diamonds are evaluated for flaws seen under 10x magnification. Flaws are blemishes or inclusions and are graded on a scale of 11 possible ratings with F being flawless and 13, indicating blemishes can be seen with the naked eye.

Color: On a scale of D – absolutely colorless, to Z. A diamond’s color value falls at grade L, but it gains value approaching Z, where a fancy diamonds’ might be blue or any

Cut: When cut properly light bounces off the facets (polished flat surfaces) and through the top of the diamond. The cut is responsible for the diamond’s radiance. A poorly cut diamond’s light is less brilliant.

Carat Weight: A carat, the unit of measure used to express a diamond’s weight, is based on the weight of a carob seed. Its scale is 0 at the lowest possible weight, and 100 at the top end of the weight scale.

The Ring

Engagement rings are usually made of yellow, rose or white gold or platinum metal. The buyer selects the diamond and ring as separate components. A jeweler, like one found at Harry C Glinberg Jewelers, then places the diamond in the chosen ring’s setting.

You can give the engagement ring the moment the marriage proposal is accepted, which is the most popular as doing so captures the romance of the moment. However, purchasing the ring after the proposal has been accepted is the best way to make sure the ring fits and suits the bride’s taste.

Engagement rings connect modern couples to the rich histories of both discovery and romantic custom. Remember the deeper meaning behind the glittering stone set in precious metal the next time a woman displays this everlasting sign of devotion.


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