What You Should Know About Boat Insurance In Bradenton, FL

In Florida, boat owners purchase policies to protect their investments. The insurance policies define all conditions that are covered including accidents and storm damage. Boat owners who store their boat in an indoor facility reduce their premium expenses. A local agent explains the benefits of Boat Insurance in Bradenton FL.

Navigation Limitations on Towing

The policies impose some limitations on towing services. The policyholder reviews the mileage restrictions when purchasing the policy. The limit shown on the policy is the further distance in which towing services are covered. It doesn’t matter if the owner is involved in an accident or if the boat fails to operate. The restrictions apply under all circumstances.
How is an Agreed Upon Value Set?

The agreed-upon value is a cash price which is acceptable to the boat owner. If the boat is a total loss, the boat owner receives the agreed-upon value. The value is based on the market value of the boat minus depreciation. It reflects the price the owner would pay to replace their boat.

Does the Insurance Provide Liability Protection?

Yes, liabilities are covered by the policy. If the owner is involved in an accident, the policies pay for the victim’s medical expenses. The coverage level selected by the policyholder defines what liabilities are managed. A higher coverage level offers payments for injuries sustained by their passengers. Standard liability-based policies provide repair costs for the victims involved in an accident.

Is an Umbrella Policy More Beneficial?

An umbrella policy offers discounts if the policyholder adds more vehicles, boats, and recreational vehicles. The discount makes it more affordable to purchase insurance for more assets. The insurance agent explains all discounts that apply. Policyholders who maintain safe driving records receive greater discounts on their insurance premiums.

In Florida, boat owners receive coverage based on the limitations of their policy. Common limitations apply to the distance in which the owner travels. The policies also define the exact value received when the boat is a total loss after an accident or storm damage. Additional discounts are provided for boats that are added to umbrella policies or stored appropriately. Boat owners who want to learn more about Boat Insurance in Bradenton FL visit  for more info.


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