What You Should Know about Bee Removal in Fort Worth, Texas

Are you considering bee removal in Fort Worth, Texas? Is it really necessary to remove and control these insects? While bees play a key role in the ecosystem of the world, these buzzing insects can present numerous risks.

Information on Bees

Here’s an overview on bees, wasps and hornet’s nests:

Buysson wasps and yellow jackets are commonly found in the Texas region. The Cicada Killer Wasps and other species are also native here. These are most active in warmer months because bees hibernate during the winter seasons.

The bumble bee’s nest can house thousands of bees at a time. Disturbing the nest can set off alarming aggression, and multiple stings can also prove fatal. This is why you should never attempt to remove them on your own, especially without proper gear. Instead, call an expert in bee removal service in Fort Worth, such as Wildlife X Team International, to protect your health.

Individuals with allergies can suffer serious health implications from a bee sting. Children and seniors are especially prone to allergic reactions so keep them safe by eliminating nests of bees, wasps and hornets with the help of a professional.

Some wasps are unable to sting and are more of a nuisance to homeowners than dangerous to their health. A pest control expert can identify the type of flying insect and determine the proper treatments for each.

How to Prevent Bees from Nesting

Bees, especially bumblebees, can be prevented from nesting near the home by ensuring the removal of old furniture, mattresses and other items that may be lying outside. Pest control services like Wildlife X Team will conduct a 30-point inspection to detail the top areas prone to damage and nesting from bees and other wildlife.

Bees and other flying insects can be prevented by ensuring proper garbage disposal methods, as well as caulking opening and cracks in walls and roofing. One additional tip is to conduct detailed cleaning on the exterior of the home at least once per year.

Different solutions are used for bee removal in Fort Worth. After the bees or wasps die out, the professional team will remove them to prevent odors and stains on walls, as well as the deadly attraction from other pests and rodents.


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