What You Should Get From Addiction Rehab Centers In Florida

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Health and Fitness


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Most people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol aren’t sure where to turn or why. Addiction rehab centers in Florida can be a helpful and exciting way to start your journey to sobriety, but only if you understand what they do and what you get from them.

Your Options

Primarily, the center you select should offer a variety of choices for help, such as partial hospitalization, outpatient options, medical detox, IOP, inpatient services and more.

Partial hospitalization means that you visit a hospital or facility during the day and go home or to a residential facility at night. You can still work (in most cases) and can enjoy spending time at home with family and friends. However, this option may not work if your family or friends trigger your need to use or drink.

Medical detoxification helps to detoxify the body from the alcohol or drugs in a safe way. You have doctors and nurses around at all times, and you’re monitored to ensure that your heart rate and blood pressure remain steady. You’re given medication that will reduce the symptoms, such as vomiting and nausea, and stay comfortable and safe.

Outpatient services can range from 12-step programs, group therapy, family therapy, support groups and getting information about your disease.


Addiction rehab centers in Florida may look fancy or may look more institutionalized (like a hospital), depending on the facility and program you choose. In most cases, the center you select will offer a wide variety of options after careful consideration of your needs. For example, you may start with medical detox and focus on intensive outpatient services. You may graduate from that to outpatient-only services and then move to AA/NA support groups that help you continue sobriety and rehabilitating you to home life without drugs and alcohol.

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