What You Need To Know About Inconel 718 Foil for Those Challenging Applications

Inconel 718 foil was developed for the aeronautic industry in the 1960’s. Its initial application was for use in jet engines. It is rust resistant and can withstand extreme heat that other metals cannot. Today it is still used for jet engines and it is used in other applications where the need for high heat resistance is necessary.

This foil can be the solution to many design dilemmas but there a couple of things you should know before you make the decision to use this type of foil.

The Right Vendor

Not every vendor will have Inconel on hand so you will have to shop around a bit. The right vendor will be able to supply you with:

1. Inconel foil in 718 and 625 weight
2. Tubing, foil, sheets and bars

The right vendor will also be honest with you about what can and cannot be done with this material. It is a great material to use in a host of applications BUT there are a couple of caveats and the right vendor will not want to sell you a material that may prove to be too difficult to work with for your application.

The Main Caveat

Inconel is strong, rust resistant and can withstand a tremendous amount of heat. Those qualities that make it a powerful material also make it very difficult to work with. Before you make the choice to opt for this material you will want to speak to an expert about the type of equipment you have on hand to bend and shape the material. The right vendor will tell you up front if this is the right material based on your capabilities or not. They will also be able to tell you if there is a good substitute!

Before you make any buying decisions speak to the friendly staff at Metalmen they specialize in creative solutions!


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