What You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Long Distance Moving Company In Atlanta

While the internet offers a lot of information, it should never be the only source of information you use in selecting a long distance moving company in Atlanta. In fact, personal referrals, talking to people who have recently moved in your neighborhood and even talking to your office HR department can often provide you with much more relevant and accurate information.

It also goes without saying that selecting a long distance moving company that offers the services you need and that has a national reputation for providing top moving services, excellent customer support and with high customer ratings is also an essential consideration.

Price Isn’t Everything

One of the most common mistakes that people make when hiring a long distance moving company is only to consider the price. In many cases, a low estimate for a move is a non-binding quote, which means the company is not obligated or has not agreed to perform the move for that price.

Always look for a company offering a binding or a not-to-exceed binding quote. The first gives you a fixed price; the second ensures you won’t pay more than the quoted price. This should be provided to you, in a contract, before the move.

Low prices can also mean a very small moving crew, old or rented trucks and a lack of experience in actually managing these types of moves.


Every long distance moving company offering interstate or national moves does not hire professional movers. In fact, many companies hire on drivers as full-time employees, and then use online sites or day labor services to put together the crew that will complete the move.

This means untrained, inexperienced people are handling your possessions and household items. Top companies maintain a roster of experienced, trained and fully background checked movers in all locations, which is essential for quality control of services and customer satisfaction.

Services Offered

There are several different additional services you long distance moving company may offer. This can include everything from completing takedown and setup of home theaters and electronics at the two residences to providing move in and move out cleaning services.

The best long distance moving company in Atlanta for your needs is a company that can work within your budget and provide the services you need. These companies do exist, and they will usually be the companies with the most recommendations and the most extensive moving experience.


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