What You need to Consider Before You Rent a Surfboard

You are through with your surfing lessons and now you are looking forward to buying your first board. There are surf staff who will be willing to offer you objective advice, others will sell you a surfboard that will give them more commission and at times, you might encounter someone who does not know much about surfing. Here are a few factors that you need to consider before renting a surfboard.

1. Surf level
There are three main surf levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. A beginner should rent a long board. Such boards are wider, longer and are made from soft material, making them easier to keep your balance and float. Surfboard rentals in Charleston SC, should be obtained from a professional surf shop.

Intermediates can rent a short board or a fun board. These boards will require more paddling skills since the boards are smaller and thinner. The advanced surfers will always know what they like and what they want to do. However, it is also advisable for them to choose the right board.

2. Weight
Weight is an important factor one should never ignore when renting a surfboard. For example, a shorter board will be better for a light person when it comes to paddling and making turns. A heavier person will need a longer and thicker board since it floats better and makes turning and paddling easier.

3. Wave Types
When choosing the right surfboard, you also must consider the wave types you will be riding on. Fun and long boards are better for slower and smaller waves. The short and fish boards will be better when you want to try hollow or bigger waves. For beginners, slower and smaller waves will be the best wave type for them to learn basic surfing skills. For intermediate and advanced surfers, bigger waves will be more interesting.

At Carolina Salt Surf Lessons, we breathe and live surfing. We have a professional team, superior board rentals and offer great advice to anyone who wants to start surfing.

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