What you can expect from your workers comp attorney

As an employee, if you have sustained an injury at work or become ill due to a work related issue you may be entitled to benefits from your employers workers comp insurance. It is most unfortunate, but nevertheless true, many legitimate claims are simply denied by employers or the insurance company that provides their workers comp policy. When this happens the worker is faced with a very complex situation, trying to appeal what is an unfavorable situation. Should this happen the affected worker is left with two options; simply forget it or hire a workers comp attorney in Charlotte NC.

Why hire a seasoned attorney?
You will have a far better chance of getting your benefits if you hire an attorney. Knowing the law and the various ramifications, the attorney is in a far better position to deal with the workers comp insurer than you ever would. An attorney can gather medical records and evidence, negotiate an acceptable settlement and if necessary, represent your interests in a hearing.

Never forget that the insurance company is working for itself, not you. They have no qualms about rejecting what you know is a bona fide claim. A workers comp attorney in Charlotte NC has the knowledge to see to it that the scales tilt in your favor, not the insurance companies.

Negotiating a settlement:
Due to their experiences workers comp attorneys have a very good idea of the value of your claim and they know how certain factors influence just how much the claim is worth.

Attorneys are also familiar with all the tricks and tactics that insurance companies try to use, everything from offers that are far below what they should be to offers that really don’t exist in the first place.

With very few exceptions, a seasoned workers comp attorney in Charlotte NC can negotiate acceptable settlements, far better than acting alone.


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