What You Can Expect From Implant Dentistry Services

Implant dentistry services are associated with giving a patient a dental implant. This is a highly useful dental restoration that is used when a tooth is missing or when a tooth is too badly damaged to be repaired. Dental implants in Woodland Hills have a long lifespan and can allow you to eat and talk like you used to. There are a few things to familiarize yourself with before going into this treatment.

First, if an implant is being used on a tooth that is severely damaged, then the remainder of the structure needs to be removed. This is done so that the entire portion of the mouth is clear for the implant to come in. A titanium post will need to be inserted into the jawbone. The bone needs to be strong enough to support this structure, so some patients will require bone grafting surgery prior to getting the restoration.

Once everything is taken care of initially, your implant dentistry services are ready to proceed with the actual insertion of the metal post. The patient will be given anesthesia before this happens to prevent discomfort. It will take some time for the bone to fuse with the post. This is referred to as osseointegration. This process takes a few months, so you will be given a temporary crown to wear over the implant during this period.

As soon as the patient is ready, the permanent crown can be fixed onto the implant. The dentist provides the patient with instructions on how to take care of this new restoration for the next few days or weeks. It is crucial to follow these instructions exactly so that nothing negative happens during this timeframe. If implant dentistry services sound like they are right up your alley, then schedule an appointment with a qualified dentist right away. It is better to get this treatment sooner as opposed to later. For more information visit Here.


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