What To Look For When Choosing Bar Stools

Are you a tavern, pub or restaurant owner who wants to make customers feel at home when dining and drinking on your business premises? If so, it’s time to start the hunt for commercial bar stools. A few things should be taken into consideration when you buy chairs and stool tops, such as whether or not the products are hygienic and easy to clean and if they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Furthermore, costs can be cut if you track down a wholesale supplier, so why not perform a little research and ponder on the following things before you make a transaction with a furniture provider?

The Functionality

Ask yourself what you plan on using the stock bar stools for. Will it be to enhance the look of your business or to provide customers with the utmost comfort? Ideally, you should be focusing on both things, and this is where functionality comes into play. Swivel bar stools are a functional and aesthetically pleasing choice, because the 360-degree spin feature enables customers to turn and talk to friends whilst they drink and socialise. Aside from hydraulic swivel features, height adjustment features, arm rests and back cushions will also offer functionality.

The Material

Do you want to position stock bar stools outside? If so, opt for stools made from weather-proof materials, such as plastic and metal. Leather is also relatively weather-proof and can be cleaned easily, as can wood, but wooden bar stools should be coated with a protective gloss to prevent rain and sunlight from causing fading and rot. Stools upholstered with fabrics will need to be maintained more often and should only be considered for indoor use. If you do position them outside, be sure to cover them with plastic sheets when not in use or alternatively, put them inside when the bar closes.

The Wholesale Options

You could save yourself a lot of money if you buy furniture in bulk. Many big businesses will shop for goods from wholesale suppliers, simply because it saves time and funds. Most wholesale providers will also deliver the goods together, so you need not worry about the additional fees associated with separate deliveries. Don’t be shy to enquire about possible discounts when purchasing a set of stock bar stools with tables and other accessories, because there is the potential for a lot of money-saving when you buy in bulk.

If you need help finding stock bar stools for your commercial business, call Cafe Club on 1300 300 785 today.


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