What to Look for in a Web Design Company

There are innumerable web design companies out there today; all of them clamoring to make the discerning public view them as the best of them all. But while that distinction may be purely subjective on its own, there are certain practices that most tend to agree on make a good company. So if you’re searching for a web design company in Dubai and you want to make sure you get the right one, keep your eyes peeled for these distinct practices and traits.

#1. Results, not templates

When the company you’re meeting with shows you the pretty template they’re trying to sell you, ask them which sites they’ve been used for, then ask to see these sites. This is imperative, as any scam artist with basic editing knowledge these days can throw up a template that looks good, without having put any real thought into the functionality of said template. Research this template, and the company behind it, try to find out if it’s actually as useful as the company touts it to be. A good way to do this would be to look up previous clients and ask them directly. If the template works, they have no reason to not endorse it.

#2. Provide maintenance service/advice

When the site itself finally goes up, you will typically have one of two options. Either you can keep the company on to maintain the site at extra cost in exchange for the hand of a professional, or you can handle it yourself, at no extra charge. If you do the latter, make sure the company gives you all of the information you require to maintain the site, or at least have a constant tech support line you can use when you run into an issue.

#3. Designs the site according to your specifications

Any good web design company knows to never use the exact same template and style twice, as that won’t please everybody. Instead, ensure that when it comes time for the actual designing, the company will keep you posted on progress so they can get your specific instructions for how the site will look. Do not just take the base template provided, instead demand that the site look more like something you would design if you had such skills.

Designing a site can be an easy and fun experience; it’s just a matter of finding the right person for the job. A good place to start would be the UAE based web design company Trivium Concepts, who provides not only web design, but a myriad of web based services. Check their website for more details.


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