What To Look For In A Verticut Machine

A verticut machine is a tool lumber mills and various tool rooms require if they want to improve productivity. The best examples are versatile, capable of slicing easily and efficiently through various materials. If you are serious about cutting accuracy, the verticut is the machine to put on your “must have” list


A machine is only as good as its operator. Before choosing a verticut, be certain it is exactly what you want and need for the tasks or project at hand. Consider the following qualities to be an integral part of finding the best machine possible.

* Power: What is the power source? Hydraulic provides the highest power-to-weight ratio

* Cutting Cycle: How fast is the cutting cycle? Does it meet your company’s needs?

* Cutting System: Is it electronically controlled?

* Speed: Is it variable and controllable by the operator, capable of slowing down or speeding up as the need demands?

* Accuracy: How accurate or precise is the cutting?

* Construction: How sturdy is the construction? Can it meet the daily demands of your company?

* Integration: Is every component and function part of an integrated system?

* Technology: Do the manufacturers of the verticut machine integrate the latest technology into the cutting system? Does it have a touchscreen control panel? Can your operator employ a wireless remote to control the machinery? Does it utilize a PLC and compatible programming?

* Safety: Does the machine have all essential measures in place to ensure the safety of its operators?

* Customization: The best systems offer customization of their products to meet the requirements of their customers.

Purchasing a Verticut Machine

Verticuts are package systems. By choosing the right system, your company can improve productivity. Make sure the verticut machine meets your industry’s specifications before you proceed with a purchase. Always consider a manufacturer who not only offers customization but also provides excellent follow-up services.


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