What to look for in a storage company

Storage is something that most people need at some point in their lives. It could be that you are taking a job overseas for a year and don’t want to take your household possessions with you, or it may be that you have excess possessions and when you move you don’t have space for certain items. When you live in a place where there are extremes of seasons, you may have equipment, such as a snow blower, that you really don’t want to store in your garage during the summer. There are many places that you can store your possessions at either short or long-term, but there are certain things that you need to consider before making a decision.

Choosing a company for storage in Savannah GA
Top of your list will probably be security. You need to have peace of mind that your possessions will be well cared for and that you won’t receive a phone call saying that there has unfortunately been a burglary. Look for a facility that is well fenced and has secured premises that are well lit at night. In addition, if the company has video cameras with constant surveillance, this will give you assurance that your goods will be looked after well.

Another factor is to look at the actual storage facilities. In a hot and humid climate, you need to make certain that the storage facilities are well aired so that your possessions don’t become covered in mold or are allowed to deteriorate while they’re being stored. What also sometimes happens is that you store something and then find that you need urgent access to a document or piece of furniture. The company where you store your possessions should be able to give you access to whatever you need, although you may need to give them notice so that your goods can be brought to you. Then, of course, you will consider price as a factor, and you shouldn’t be charged more than the going rate, provided you’re comparing companies with the same benefits.

Store with the company that moves you
If you are moving home and need short or long-term storage, it’s always a good idea to choose a removal company that can also provide storage. This way, if the company packs up your possessions, they remain liable for any breakages and accept responsibility until they have safely delivered your household contents to your new address.


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