What To Look For In A Portable Shampoo Bowl

If you know someone with a disability or mobility issues, you may consider what to get them as a gift. If you run a salon that caters to the elderly, you may want to consider improving accessibility of your services. If you have a residential home for seniors or for those with disabilities, you may want something to make washing and shampooing hair easier. The solution to all these issues is simple: a portable shampoo bowl.

The Portable Shampoo Bowl

Everyone is familiar with a shampoo bowl, if they ever stop to think about it. It is the bowl in a salon. Your chair is raised and your head is tipped back over the lip of the bowl. A spray of water is run through and over your hair. The water flows through your short or long locks and into the sink. Shampoo is added to your hair and you enjoy that lovely sensation of someone running fingers through your scalp and massaging it thoroughly.

A portable shampoo bowl is the same device. The only difference is its portability. You or a salon operator can carry it to where it can best serve the client or family member. In this manner, it can provide the services required with a minimum of discomfort to clients – even those who are confined to wheelchairs.

What Are the Characteristics of a Quality Portable Shampoo Bowl?

When it comes time to selecting a portable shampoo bowl, it is important to consider what each type can offer. You need to look for characteristics that are beneficial to the client. The product needs to fulfil its purpose making it easier for whoever uses or is at the receiving end of the hair washing, to use.

What any individual needs to look for or consider are the following aspects:

Portability: It must be completely portable.

Adjustability: It is not enough to be portable. If you cannot adjust it to meet the different requirements of the individuals, it is not effective.

Flexibility: If the portable shampoo bowl does not have attachments or is lacking in more than the basics, it is not going to provide more than a basic experience. For salons, more is going to be better if their client is going to receive the right treatment at the hands of their professionals

Stability: Each bowl needs to be able to withstand the pressure of the water as well as the weight of the client’s head and hair. It should not wobble or move. Once put into place, it should remain their without moving until it is adjusted appropriately

These are the essential characteristics. Before you purchase, be sure you look at several models. Check them for any flaws. Read the reviews and note any commercial and institutional recommendations made by existing entities. Only after you are certain that this model is the one, should you make the decision and purchase that model of portable shampoo bowl.


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