What to Look for in a Pediatrician

Whether you just moved and needed pediatric care in Summerville, SC or you have just become a parent; you deserve to trust your child’s medical team. However, with several factors to consider and little time to decide, it can be difficult to know what pediatric office is right for your family. Here are a few attributes you can look for in a pediatric care office:

On-Call Phone Line

Let’s be honest: kids don’t run on a nine to five schedule. Sometimes children get sick quickly and after hours. Look for a pediatrician’s office that has someone on call 24/7. This way, you can get in touch with a trusted medical professional any time you need to.

Takes Walk-ins

Sniffles and coughs don’t wait for anyone, and when your child is ill, you won’t want to wait either. A pediatric office that accepts walk-ins for sick patients is ready to treat your child when he or she needs it most.


No parent needs yet another appointment to attend or errand to run. This is doubly true when your child is under the weather. Some providers of pediatric care in Summerville, SC provide a wider range of services than your typical doctor’s office. These services may include prescriptions, bandaging, and other minor medical procedures.

Roots in the Community

Do other parents trust the pediatrician you are considering? Has the practice earned a stellar reputation in your community? These are questions to ask yourself when looking for pediatric care. It takes a village to raise a healthy child.

Insurance Needs

Of course, if a medical office doesn’t accept your insurance, you can expect to pay much more for your visits. Search for someone who can work with your financial situation.

Go with Your Gut

When all else fails, follow your parental instincts. You and your child deserve to feel at ease. Accept nothing less.

As a parent, you have many things to consider in this incredibly important decision. To find the right pediatric care in Summerville, SC, follow these tips. Click here for more information.


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