What To Know When Custom Ordering Hydraulic Cylinders

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Machinery and Tools


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For an Original Equipment Manufacturer that is considering adding custom hydraulics to a piece of machinery or equipment or when there is a need to replace a non-standard size of hydraulic cylinder in a current piece of equipment. For critical equipment, vehicles and processing types of systems, it may also be a wise decision to have a spare cylinder on hand, particularly for critical equipment and component.

Research the Companies

When ordering custom hydraulic cylinders, take the time to learn about the company that will be responsible for manufacturing the cylinder. There are differences between companies that are well worth considering before placing an order.

Ideally, look for a company that specializes in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, not a distributor or “middleman” that is just taking an order from a manufacturer. By working directly with the company that is manufacturing the cylinder you can discuss the specific requirements and ensure the correct size and type of hydraulic cylinder is selected.

Understand the System and Requirements

Understanding the system or equipment will be critical when talking to companies about custom-made hydraulic cylinders. It is always a good idea to share the specifics of the application including weight, lift and the physical space requirements of the cylinder. It is also essential to consider the external environment, including excessive heat or operation in extreme cold.

By having a clear and full picture of the use requirements of the system, including upper and lower ranges of all specifications, the engineers at the manufacturers may be able to suggest a better product. This may not include a change to the exterior of the cylinder, but it may include better options for bearings, seals, and other elements within the design to allow for lower maintenance requirements and an overall longer life cycle.

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