What to Know About Gutters in Tacoma, WA

There are two types of gutters: traditional gutters made in sections and seamless gutters made using one continuous piece of metal. Both do a great job, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both kinds. It all depends on personal preference and which one works best for the property owner’s budget. Gutters in Tacoma Wa perform a valuable function for a home or business, and they can also add value to a property.

Traditional Gutters

Traditional gutters have been the industry standard for decades. However, seamless gutters are increasingly popular. Traditional gutters are often referred to as sectional gutters since they are made in sections that are joined together where the sections meet. Screws and silicone caulking keep traditional gutters watertight. Sectional gutters are less expensive than seamless ones, but they can develop leaks if the silicone deteriorates or breaks away from the gutter frame.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless aluminum gutters were invented in the early 1960s and quickly rose in popularity since they are lightweight, strong, and extremely durable. Seamless gutters rarely leak since the only seams are at the corners where they connect to the downspout. The only possible downside is the price, which is higher than a traditional gutter system.

Advantages of Going Seamless

When purchasing gutters for a home or business, seamless gutters are worth considering. Unlike traditional gutters, seamless gutters are custom cut so they are the exact length of the building they will be attached to. This one-piece system has fewer problems with water leakage, and seamless gutters are more durable.

Gutter Guards

Debris such as leaves, feathers, dust, and dirt can all negatively affect a gutter’s performance. As the unwelcome items become trapped in the trough and downspout, the water flowing through the gutters may no longer be able to flow freely. Gutter guards put an end to this problem by putting a shield over the gutter so only rainwater can pass through. This keeps the debris out and the water moving in the gutters as it should.

Gutters in Tacoma Wa can direct water away from a building so that it doesn’t back up under the roof’s edge or puddle around the foundation. Gutters protect the property that they are attached to.


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