What to Expect When You’re Doing a Bathroom Remodel in Surprise

If you’ve never done a bathroom remodel in Surprise before, then you may be wondering what to expect. The best bit of advice is to expect the unexpected, because no matter how well you plan, some unforeseen delay or expense is bound to appear.

However, aside from the unexpected, here are the other items you can expect when doing bathroom remodeling in Surprise…

Expect Dust and Dirt

A good bathroom remodeling contractor in Surprise will take the utmost care in containing as much of the dust and dirt as possible. However, it’s fairly inevitable that some of it will track into the rest of the house. You can minimize this somewhat by laying down protective sheets between your bathroom and the front door, and any other place the crew is likely to walk. Still, be prepared to sweep and vacuum on a regular basis while the remodel is in progress.

Expect Noise

Most people who’re doing bathroom remodeling in Surprise do expect noise, but what they don’t expect is how the noise may eventually get on their nerves. If you’re sensitive to noise or just used to a quiet home, you’ll need to make accommodations so you don’t feel too stressed. This also applies if you work from home and need quiet in order to concentrate.

If any of this applies to you, then make plans to leave the house regularly to find a quiet place to relax or work. For example, you might take your laptop to the library, or perhaps you’ll spend an hour at a favorite park or museum to help center yourself.

Expect an Emotional Rollercoaster

Bathroom remodeling in Surprise is exciting, but it can also be stressful. At times you may grow tired of the dirt and noise. At other times you may be faced with an additional repair that you didn’t expect, which can add to your stress. Then at other times you’ll feel really good as you watch the room coming together.

One big issue is the investment you’re making when doing bathroom renovations in Surprise. Even if you planned carefully, added a cushion for unexpected expenses, and you’re staying within your budget, you may still have moments where you feel stressed about money.

Point is, expect a variety of emotions throughout the process. Be sure to take care of yourself, such as by exercising or meditating to help manage your stress.


If you’ve never done any bathroom remodeling before, then it will be difficult to know every last thing to expect beforehand. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Instead, all you have to do is hire a home remodeling team with the experience to know what to expect. That’s exactly what you get when you hire the team at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc.

The TWD team has been doing bathroom renovations in Surprise since 1996, so they’ve seen it all. They know how to overcome common problems, and how to work with you to deliver the bathroom of your dreams at an affordable price.


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