What to Expect from Local Pool Maintenance Services in Peachtree City, GA

No one wants to swim in a dirty swimming pool, but finding the time to clean the pool properly isn’t always easy. That’s why pool owners hire pool maintenance services in Peachtree City, GA. These services help pool owners keep their water crystal clear and sanitized. New pool owners considering hiring a maintenance service can expect the following.

Basic Pool Cleaning

Basic pool cleaning includes brushing the sides of the pool, vacuuming it, and checking the pool equipment. Also included in this service is testing the chlorine levels and pH balance to make sure contaminants are eliminated. Regular pool cleaning services like these keep pools in good condition all season long.

Backwashing the Filter

Filter backwashing isn’t something that’s done every time the pool is cleaned. It’s more than basic pool cleaning, but it’s an essential service that relieves pressure. Backwashing also restores the flow rate so dirt doesn’t back up into the pool.

Check for Leaks

Some pool owners notice that their pool isn’t as full as it normally is. Evaporation can cause pools to lose a little water volume throughout the swimming season, but it’s usually not a noticeable amount. When a noticeable amount of water is lost, this is a sign there’s a leak. Pool maintenance professionals catch leaks early on and make repairs before the problem gets out of hand.

Schedule Pool Maintenance Today

The best time to schedule Pool Maintenance Services In Peachtree City, GA, is before the heat of summer settles over the region. Get on the schedule now to secure a spot with a local pool service.


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