What To Expect From Commercial Sealcoating In Dayton, OH

A business whose property includes a large expanse of asphalt, such as a parking lot or loading dock, needs to sealcoat the asphalt in order to protect and preserve it. Sealcoating an asphalt surface protects it from water and UV radiation along with oil, gas, anti-freeze and other fluids that can leak from cars. The three most common types of sealants are asphalt emulsions, acrylic, and coal tar, though the latter has been banned in some states. Businesses who hire a company to do Commercial Sealcoating Dayton OH can expect the following:

* First of all, professionals in sealcoating recommend applying the coat between six months and a year after the surface has been paved, ideally in the early fall or at the end of the hot season, and then re-sealing it every three to five years. Sealing a new surface can help protect it from damage, while sealing an older surface can provide a cosmetic enhancement.

* The process of sealcoating a paved surface should begin with filling cracks with a hot, rubber crack sealer. The crack sealer may sink below the surface of the pavement, but it is still offering protection. It may not be possible to fill very fine cracks. Therefore, sealing pavement before cracks have had a chance to develop will give the best possible results.

* In addition, a sealcoating company will treat oil stains on the surface of the asphalt by cleaning and priming them. It may not be possible to completely erase an oil stain, but cleaning methods can improve the appearance.

* After the sealant has been applied, the surface needs to rest for at least 48 hours and possibly more in heavily shaded areas or in a very humid climate. While it is safe to walk on the pavement once it looks dry, cars and other vehicles must stay off for the full 48 hours. Since water can wash away the sealant, it’s important to schedule the work when no rain is predicted and to make sure no sprinklers or hoses are in use anywhere near the pavement.

* In the first few weeks, while it is safe to drive on the sealed pavement, some tire marks may be visible. These marks are caused by a loosening of the sand or other granules in the sealant. The marks usually fade with rain. For more information about Commercial Sealcoating Dayton OH, check out website name.


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