What to Expect for Your Baby’s First Six Months of Checkups

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Health and Fitness, Hotels and Resorts


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If you are like most new parents, welcoming a baby into your growing family can be an exciting and confusing time. There is one thing you can know for certain: your baby will go to the doctor a lot. From your first infant checkup in North Charleston, SC, through six months, here are some things you can expect from doctor visits.

Every Appointment

Every time your child goes to the pediatrician, you can expect certain things to happen. Your doctor will always measure your baby’s length and weight. The pediatrician will also always perform a physical exam to check for normal bodily function. Finally, your doctor visit will always give you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Remember, it is okay to feel like you are lost when you are a new parent. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

A Few Days After Birth

Your baby’s first infant checkup in North Charleston, SC, after delivery will be a basic assessment to make sure your child is growing. Essentially, your pediatrician will check to see that your baby is eating properly. He or she might also do a hearing test and check for other developmental progress.

After Two Weeks

At two weeks your baby will be seen to make sure he or she is feeding well and back to their original birthweight. Your child will also be seen to make sure they are not jaundiced. Anticipatory guidelines will be discussed so you will know what to expect between this visit and the next.

After Two Months

At two months after birth, your baby will get their first set of vaccines. At this visit your baby’s length, height and head circumference will be checked and your baby will be checked for various developmental milestones.

At Four Months

When your child is four months old, he or she will get more immunizations and growth parameters will be followed again. That will give your pediatrician an idea of how well he or she is growing.

At the Six-Month Mark

You guessed it. At six months, your baby will need some more immunizations. Your doctor might also screen for certain developmental conditions and discuss the advancement of your baby’s diet.

After six months, your baby will continue to go to the doctor regularly. By following a regular schedule for infant checkup in North Charleston, SC, you will help provide the healthiest upbringing for your young one. Visit the website http://www.charlestonpalmettopediatrics.com/ for more information.

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