What to Do a Few Months Before Moving

When it comes time to make a move, many people put it off due to the belief that it can be done in a couple of weeks. While you can move in that time frame, it is going to be much more stressful and can cost a lot more to do so. Having a plan for your move is a better option. We’ll go over some of the things you should handle a month or two before moving, so it’s not required at the last second.

Get Moving Estimates

Most people require the assistance of Tulsa movers to get everything from one home to the next. You need to have enough time to do your research and pick the best company possible. Start your research at least two months out. Ask your friends for recommendations and get in touch with movers you are interested in. This gives you time to do research and narrow down your options.

Acquire Lots of Boxes

You can start packing early as long as you limit it to items that aren’t essential on a regular basis. Many companies will sell you boxes, but there are options for getting them free. Ask any friends who have moved recently if they have extra boxes. You can also check out community resources like Freecycle and Craigslist for anyone offering free boxes.

Start Packing Early

If you begin packing long before your move, it will make the process much more relaxed. You likely have numerous things in our home that you rarely use. Pack all of those items up early, so you have less to do later on. Once your Tulsa movers show up, you’ll have everything complete and ready to go.

Donate Unneeded Items

For things you come across which have no use to you, you might consider making a donation box. You can give away anything from clothes to appliances and even vehicles. If you don’t have a favorite charity, go online and find out which organizations nearby take donations.

Update Your Address

While email is most people’s primary form of communication, most of us receive letters or cards on occasion. Send out an email to your friends and family letting them know about the impending move and what your new address will be. You could also send out moving announcements in the mail if you prefer.

If you stick to this list of things to do early in the moving process, you will be organized and ready when the big day comes. This will be a considerable reassurance when the moving day arrives. Everything that needs to happen will already be in progress.


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