What To Discuss With A Disability Attorney In Grand Haven

In Michigan, Social Security Disability benefits provide financial assistance for claimants who cannot work. The monetary benefits provide adequate support to pay for their living expenses and groceries. Along with the benefits, the claimants could receive Medicaid health insurance. A Disability Attorney in Grand Haven helps claimants who were turned down for the benefits.

The Application Process

The application process for disability benefits requires the claimant to explain their condition. They need the starting date for when the doctor provided their diagnosis. The exact diagnosis and how the condition is treated must appear in the claimant’s medical records.

What is a Qualifying Condition?

A qualifying condition is either a physical or mental ailment that prevents the claimant from working in any industry. The medical records must explain why it is impossible for the claimant to work. The records must explain the exact effects of the condition on the claimant. If the claimant can work in industries other than their previous job, they are not classified as disabled.

What Programs are Available to Claimants?

Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance are available to individuals who are disabled. The SSI program is designed for individuals who have never worked before, and SSDI is provided for individuals who have a previous work history. The SSI program is based on the individual’s household income, and SSDI is provided according to the value accumulated during the individual’s work history.

What is the Potential Outcome of the Claim?

The potential outcome of the claim includes approval for ongoing disability payments, a settlement for back payments, and Medicaid health insurance. The back pay is calculated according to when the individual was diagnosed with the condition. The value of the back pay won’t affect the total monthly payments received.

In Michigan, the Social Security Administration must review applications for SSI and SSDI. The review determines if the claimant is approved for the benefits and when the payments start. If the agency denies the claim, the claimant can file a legal claim against the SSA. Claimants who need to start a claim contact a Disability Attorney in Grand Haven at Bleakley Law Offices P C right now.


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