What to Avoid When Shopping for a New Ride

Mistakes can cost you a lot when you’re shopping for a new car. So here are some of the worst buying mistakes you need to steer clear of:

Not knowing what you want

If you have no idea what car to buy, that’s going to make the search a bit tougher. Walking into a dealership with no idea what to get means you’ll be ripe and ready for any sales pitch that comes your way. So research on the make and model you want before you pay a visit to your dealership.

Skipping the test drive

Test-driving the car is the only way to find out if it’s really a match for your taste or not, says Car and Driver. Because while hours of online research can help you compare specs and features, only a test drive will give you a feel for the ride. If the dealership seems to be discouraging you to test drive the car, that’s a red flag. In that case, leave and go to another dealer for new Kia vehicles in Dennville NJ.

Not factoring in all the costs

Are you sure your monthly bills and expenses, along with your home mortgage, can handle buying a car? If you’re already stretching every dollar to make do, then unexpected costs could you put in a lot of financial trouble. So before you think about getting a car, make sure you factor in all the costs first and that your budget has room for everything.

Buying emotionally

Some buyers see a car and immediately forget all about negotiating for the best price or getting the best one for their wallet. That or they think they’ve found a good deal that they can’t seem to walk away. Always buy with your head and not your heart. That way, you’ll always get the right value for your money.


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