What Style Taekwondo Martial Arts Shoes Should You Use?

If you are taking a taekwondo class, you may be wondering what style of taekwondo martial arts shoes you should wear? While some people do taekwondo in bare feet, others prefer to wear shoes, and the facts are that it depends on what you are going to do in them as to what kind you wear.

Do you intend to wear them to train or just wear them on special competition days? Are you going to be outside in them or inside? These are some of the questions to ask yourself when choosing martial arts shoes.

What are Taekwondo Martial Arts Shoes?

The basic type of taekwondo martial arts shoes are very comfortable, lightweight and have a padded, soft leather top to protect the foot when someone kicks at a heavy bag or hogu. There is also a black circle on the sole so you know where to pivot the foot as you kick.

Several Brands, Special Sizing in Some Martial Arts Shoes

There are several brands of taekwondo martial arts shoes to choose from. A popular brand is the Adidas martial arts shoe, which is a top seller. Most of the time the sizes are listed in men’s sizes, so women should take note and be sure to order a smaller size. Some of these are meant to be used for training inside, while others are meant for training outdoors, so be sure to pick the right shoe.

Only Use Taekwondo Shoes for What they are Made For

If you are learning taekwondo, you should be aware that these types of shoes don’t have much shock absorption in the soles. They aren’t meant to be worn for other activities such as running, so be sure to only wear them for practicing taekwondo.

So, when you are choosing taekwondo martial arts shoes, it all depends on the type of training you are planning on doing and if it is inside or outside. It will also depend on the dojo regulations.


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