What Should You Know About Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet, IL?

Diabetic foot ulcers are painful sores that occur in around 15% of those with diabetes. Unfortunately, once an ulcer develops in a diabetic patient, the patient is eight times more likely to be in danger of needing amputation at some point in their life. It is imperative diabetic patients inspect their feet on a regular basis and see the foot doctor if they have any sores. There are now aggressive means of Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet IL.

The reason diabetic patients suffer from ulcers is because of neuropathy. This causes a loss of sensation in the feet, which can make it difficult for individuals to know if they have any sores or blisters caused by pressure from their shoes. These ulcers can also be caused by vascular diseases prevalent in those suffering from diabetes. When a lack of healthy blood flow is occurring, this can lead to ulceration of the skin.

It is imperative patients know the symptoms of a foot ulcer.

Drainage that may stain socks and shoes

Foot swelling

Foot redness

Foot irritation

Black areas of skin on the feet

Bad foot odors

Once a diabetic ulcer has developed, it is imperative the cause is discovered before Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet IL in initiated. When a neuropathic condition has caused the ulcer, the sore will need to be protected as it heals. It is also imperative the patient takes aggressive measures to make sure the feet are protected with proper footwear so ulcers do not occur again.

If the ulcer is caused by a vascular condition, the patient may need to be sent to a surgeon. Partial amputations are sometimes necessary when a severe ulceration has occurred. Click here for more details.

It is imperative the dead tissue is removed so proper healing can take place. Synthetic dressings are used to shield the wound and promote new skin growth. It sometimes takes a concerted effort to be sure the ulcer will fully heal. This may mean frequent visits to the foot specialist.

If you have noticed signs of sores on your feet, it may be time to seek Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet IL. Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL so they can schedule your appointment today.


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