Swimming pool coping is basically the edging of a swimming pool. In addition to decorating the swimming pool, coping is meant to make the edges smooth and prevent cuts and bruises. Again, the edging prevents seepage of water into the deck. Currently, there are various materials that may be used for this purpose, but travertine coping is among the best.  When constructing a swimming pool, every aspect of the pool should be done to execute the prowess of the designer. One of the most noticeable parts of the swimming pool is the edge. When properly done, the coping has many design benefits to offer.

Pools of different sizes and shapes are a beautiful addition to the back yard. To reap the best aesthetic benefits from the presence of a swimming pool in your backyard, you should consider the coping material to use on the edges wisely. Some of the materials that may be used for coping swimming pools are: travertine, granite and bluestone. With many options to choose from, how do you settle for the best coping material for your swimming pool?


Safety inside and around the pool should be the primary consideration while choosing the perfect coping material. The material you choose should be slip resistant for wet hands and feet. The material should offer substantial grip for those leaving or entering the swimming pool. As a tip, you should go for either pre-cast or absorbent coping materials. The material you choose for your pool coping needs should not have jagged or sharp edges as these can injure the users of the swimming pool.


Your coping material choice should also be influenced by the affordability of the material. Pool coping materials are available in different price tags. For instance, granite, limestone and flagstone are very expensive and should be avoided, unless you can afford them. The coping material you choose should suit your budget.

Durability and Strength

Since many swimming pools are not covered, the coping material will be constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. The coping material you settle for should be strong enough to withstand scratching, abrasion, acid action and constant use by people. The material you choose should be capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, such as extreme low or high temperature.

Visual Appeal

Decorating the swimming pool in your backyard is a remarkable way of improving the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. As such, the coping material you decide to use should also be visually appealing.

Getting a material that has all these aspects may prove to be a hard task. Travertine coping will offer you the beauty, safety, durability, affordability and strength you desire for your pool coping project. It will give you impressive results that will last for a long time.

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