What Should Happen at a Shareholder Meeting?

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Financial Services


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Most investors think that a shareholder meeting is a carnival-style event or focuses primarily on controversy and protest. While these scenarios can happen, they aren’t considered normal experience. Most meetings aren’t glamorous, controversial, or exciting. That said, it’s still important that you go to these meetings if you’re able. Many times, they offer proxy services, which allows you to vote on upcoming things even if you’re unavailable to attend.


Companies are required to hold these meetings and, most of the time, they aren’t obligated to send you a notification because the date of the meeting is held at the same place on the same date each year. However, most companies do send an invitation to ensure that no one could claim they didn’t know or weren’t reminded.

When you do receive your invitation, it’s considered a legal notice, so there won’t be a lot of fanfare included. It should list the time and date, as well as the meeting agenda. This agenda is usually centered around elections of the board and other members, as well as approvals for financial record reviews, opportunities to vote on any proposals and more.

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Many times, the company for which you work is likely to use shareholder services from a reputable transfer agency. They can offer help for both public and private companies and maintain all the records. You may not be able to get all the information, even if it is considered public knowledge. However, they can help with ownership management, restriction removals on stock transfers, replacements of lost certificates, and allow the company proxies to vote online.

If you own a company and are required to hold a shareholder meeting, you may want to choose a transfer agent to help you with all these issues. Visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. for more information.

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