What Services Do Pest Control Companies in Phoenix, AZ Offer?

Pest control companies in Phoenix, AZ specialize in offering inspection and pest removal services. Household pests can cause a significant amount of damage to your house. Termites can eat through the timber foundation or wooden furniture, leaving behind hollow tunnels and significantly damaging the integrity of the structure. Other insects, like bees and wasps, can cause serious issues in your daily life. You might have difficulty going in and out of your house if the honeycomb is located near the entrance. Here are some common services offered by most pest control companies.


It’s difficult to determine the extent of the damage caused by household pests unless you hire a professional for inspection. For instance, termites don’t leave behind any trace except the residue of the wood powder. Similarly, it’s difficult to determine exactly where the bees built up their honeycomb. When you contact a pest control company for their bee control service or their honeycomb removal services, they will send over a professional bee exterminator to remove the infestation.

Honey bee removal is not as simple as it looks. After removing the honeycomb, the exterminator will also apply chemicals to the area to ensure that the honey bees don’t return.

Pest Treatment

Pest control companies use a variety of different methods for treating pest infestations. If the inspection reveals clear signs of an infestation, the company will start by using organic chemicals to treat the infestation. They will use termiticides and a variety of other chemicals to root out the infestation. If there are water pockets in between the walls, the company will also dry out the water between the wall spaces, as that provides the perfect environment for pests to multiply. They will also give you a set of guidelines for how to prevent further pest infestations.

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