What Services Are Provided At A Dental Emergency Clinic in Garden City, NY?

A wide range of occurrences could require immediate dental assistance for local patients. For this reason, it is vital for them to have access to these services to manage sudden requirements. A Dental Emergency Clinic in Garden City NY could provide these services 24-hours a day.

Addressing Pain Management

Dental injuries could cause sudden and excessive pain. Among the conditions that could lead to pain are impacted wisdom teeth, breaks, and chips. A dental professional offering emergency care could assess these conditions and provide pain relieving options. 24-hour care also offers these patients an immediate solution after a diagnosis is made.

Eliminating an Infection

An infected tooth could also produce pain and the probability of further illnesses. If these conditions aren’t managed properly, the infection could enter the bloodstream and affect organ systems. At the onset of an infection, the patient should contact their dentist. The dentist provides antibiotics to eliminate this condition quickly. If the infection is affecting a wisdom tooth, the infection must be resolved before surgery is performed.

Extracting Irreparable Teeth

When restoration strategies won’t salvage a broken or decaying tooth, an extraction is required. After an injury or sudden fracture of the tooth, the patient could acquire an emergency extraction. The dentist may provide painkillers to manage post extraction pain and antibiotics to reduce the potential for an infection.

Saving a Dislodged Tooth

Proper management of a dislodged tooth requires the immediate re-positioning of the tooth within a few hours. Emergency dental care could address these requirements. Most dentists advise patients to remove debris from the affected tooth with water. However, they avoid removing any gum tissue that remains on the tooth. Milk could prevent the tooth from becoming damaged further until it is re-positioned. The patient should place the tooth in it and contact their dentist quickly.

Accidents and sudden breakage could produce the need for emergency dental services. Local dentists offer their services when an emergency occurs. Most dentists provide an after-hours contact option for these situations. Patients who need to visit a dental emergency clinic in Garden City NY should call to schedule an appointment right now.


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