What Services are Available Through Restoration Dentistry?

Restoration Dentistry seeks to help patients overcome cosmetic and functional issues that can prevent them from being able to smile with confidence. If a person feels self-conscious about their smile, it can cause them to have difficulty in their personal and professional lives. Seeking a dentist for a consultation appointment will allow individuals to learn more about the services that can help to fully restore their smiles and make them beautiful.

These are the most common types of restorative dentistry.

* One of the most popular methods of restoration is dental fillings. Today, many patients are choosing compound fillings because they closely match the coloration of the teeth and allow them to be repaired without the fillings being visible.

* Crowns can be used to cover teeth that are badly damaged or stained. Not only does a crown make a tooth look more attractive, it also makes it stronger.

* Bridges allow a dentist to replace missing teeth anywhere they occur in the mouth. A bridge uses pontiffs and an abutment to fill any gaps in the smile.

* Implants are increasing in popularity among patients seeking Restoration Dentistry. Implants can be used to permanently replace missing teeth so the smile is made complete.

* Restorative dentistry may also use dentures to restore a person’s smile. Dentures can be used to replace a person’s teeth and can come in full sets and partials, depending on a patient’s needs.

To learn which of these services will be beneficial for an individual, it is important a consultation appointment is scheduled. The dentist will carefully examine a patient’s teeth and gums and may take X-rays to help determine the plan of care for the patient. Often, several steps will need to be carried out before a person’s smile can be fully restored.

If you are interested in learning more about the options for restoring your smile, visit us They will provide the full dental services you are in need of so you can be happy with the appearance of your smile. Call the office today and they will be happy to schedule a consultation appointment so you can get started on the restoration process.


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