What Services are Available for Smile Makeovers?

Everyone wants to be able to smile with confidence, but this is not always possible, especially when damage has occurred or the teeth are not formed properly. Thankfully, many dental offices now offer smile makeovers in Chicago. These makeovers not only dramatically improve the appearance of the smile, they also improve the way it functions. There is no reason for a person to feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile when there are now so many cosmetic dental services available.

Before individuals can learn about their options for smile makeovers, they will first need to consult their dentist. The dentist will examine the mouth in its entirety to check for issues with the teeth, the jaw, and the gums. They will also take X-rays of the teeth and photographs so they can help a patient to find the best course of treatment for achieving the smile they want. Many of these dental offices now offer digital programs that allow patients to instantly see how their new smile will look once the transformations take place.

One of the most common makeover services is teeth whitening. It is amazing how whiter teeth can disguise minor cosmetic imperfections and make a person look much younger and more vibrant. Whitening services can remove years of stains from foods, smoking, and some types of medication. The available whitening treatments are more effective than ever before.

When the teeth are damaged, there are a couple of methods the dentist can use to repair them and make them look more attractive. Bonding can repair teeth and improve their appearance when minor damage or staining are present. If the damage is severe or the tooth malformed, the dentist can cover it with a crown. Crowns are tooth-shaped shells that look like natural teeth.

During a makeover, there are many restorative dental services that can add beauty to a person’s smile and help them regain their confidence. If you would like to learn if you are a good candidate for these services, call and schedule an appointment with Chicago Dental Solution. You can learn more about their office and services when you visit their Facebook page.


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